Our Ez Grab Truck is a Green Waste MONSTER!

The Truck can hold up to 12m but I can get the best part of 20m of green waste on after I crush it in that more than 3 standard Skips and we load it for you, Just pile it we grab it,

Their is nothing that can load green waste like it that's a Promise!


Green Waste Pick up. less than 4 meters

  • Suitable for grass, Trimmings and general green organic waste, Cabbage tree leaves, bamboo, Palm fronds, Toi toi, or flax, a small amount of dirt can be added


    Green Waste Only. Must not contain any hazardous material, hardfill, soil, concrete, tyres, liquid, paint, chemicals, batteries or oil.

    We do not accept any toxic or hazardous material in any of our bags.

    Weight limit: N/A Volume 4 Meters only

    If an excess weight charge is to apply, We will contact you to arrange the payment as your credit card information is not stored on this site.

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